Wedding Photography: Cool Grays or Pure Delight

In the typical wedding photo, the happy newly-weds strike a pose that exudes their commitment and affection for each other. Both smile shyly but happily into the camera, surrounded by a lush, green landscape. These kinds of pictures turn out beautifully, are classic, and also, to be completely honest, extremely boring.  The whole thing often seems a bit fake and staged, and you’re already bored to tears by the third time you’ve paged through the wedding album.

Even in group shots taken by a tradition-conscious photographer, the memories of taking school class photos are reawakened: someone blinks, someone else gives the person in front of them bunny ears, and yet another keeps turning around.
To give your wedding photos that special touch, come up with your own ideas to revitalize these traditions.

Surroundings and decorations

For those who don’t want to completely swear off tradition but don’t want to bore their kids and grandkids to death, photos can be made much more interesting with a few simple tricks. The first step toward “individualized wedding pictures” is an interesting background. A couple in front of a nice tree or forest is for example not as interesting as the same couple in front of a wall of graffiti, a construction site, or ancient ruins.
Unexpected elements in more well-known motives can often bring magic into picture and add to a it’s appeal. Even just using different camera angles can make a photo more interesting. Pictures taken at eye level are often predictable and boring. However, when taken from above, below, far away or up close, amazing effects can be created in the wedding photos.


photo-shooting in pub


Even the meaning of “bride”, “groom”, or “wedding party” can be toyed with for those who are a little more daring and don’t mind getting a laugh or two. It is just important to not take yourself too seriously. You need to act in the pictures as you would normally act. Imagine everyday situations: a night out with friends at the bar for a drink, taking a walk wearing sunglasses and eating ice cream, or eating a burger at a fast food joint – except that today you are wearing a suit and a gown. The less the bride and groom feel like the newly-wed couple, the prettier and funnier the unique wedding pictures will turn out. Don’t hesitate to locate strange places and to try out weird poses. By doing this, the pictures will come off more lively and will be more fun to look at.
Photos can also be pepped up by including other accessories: The bridal couple in rubber boots or with fake mustaches, the wedding party as security personnel with headsets and sunglasses arresting the young couple in handcuffs – these would definitely be fun to glue into your wedding album.


destroy wedding dress - photo-shooting


Trash the dress

A new trend, one that you would imagine to be heart-breaking for the bride but is actually great for photos, is called “trash the dress”. After a photo shoot of this sort, you can forget about trying to resell your dress on ebay since most of the time it is unrecognizable as a wedding dress afterwards. “Trashing the dress” is about finding yourself in places and in situations with where such white splendor is not associated: jumping in puddles, going swimming, fixing cars, rolling in the mud – these are just a few different ways to creatively trash your dress and get some great photos out of it.

Aliens and superheroes

For those who want completely off-the-wall wedding photos, you need to book a professional photographer who not only can have fun but also knows how use a photo editing program. This way it can appear that at your reception – at least according to the wedding album – completely fell apart because a dinosaur appeared or the groom was revealed to be an alien. Or maybe the earth splits right open, or the bride turns into a giant. Think about what themes and effects you will want to integrate into your pictures later so you can get the poses and reactions from your photo participants just right ahead of time. This way, really neat effects can be created that would not be possible with traditional photography.
Photo editing is creative way to loosen up the mood, in particular for group photos. If you don’t have the means for this, there are many other creative ideas you can fall back on. For example, recreating famous groups of people (such as the last supper) or characters is quite popular. Even with just various perspectives and synchronized poses, many amazing effects can be created.
The type of wedding pictures often depends upon the age of the bridal couple. Young people, and those young at heart, getting married today don’t take everything as seriously as their grandparents did. Fun has to be part of the day, and in the pictures. The choice of photographer is of vital importance if you want to see this fun come out, since creativity and spontaneity are unfortunately not necessarily part of every photographers repertoire. Some are set in their ways and only take pictures in the traditional sense. In order to get around these boring traditions, you need to talk with your photographer ahead of time and make a plan of action – and then don’t be disappointed with the outcome. Presenting your own ideas can also help – after all, it’s not only these pictures that will last for many years after the wedding day, but also your love.
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Bride wearing red rubber boots – © afitz –
Bride and Groom in the Pub – © Beata Torge Hochzeitsfotografie
Trash the wedding dress – ©